Change starts with changing people’s mindsets. For organisations in the midst of change, success will be a function of having a well-thought-through strategy and the capability to implement it.

Change Management

Change management is a critical part of any major project. In order for the change management process to work, your project will need clear goals, strong leadership, effective teamwork, appropriate resources and capabilities, project plans with critical milestones, incentives and effective communication. Success comes from being able to implement the strategy – not just from having one.

Key deliverables are to:

  • Diagnose the key people-focused elements of the change programme and project plans
  • Develop strong communications plans and processes to underpin the programme to influence attitudes and behaviour
  • Gain feedback, draw learning and make recommendations for improvement

“An insight is a fresh new thought which brings increased understanding and clarity”

“The challenge we face is our thinking is invisible to most of us. We all think but just like breathing we take it for granted”

“Everything you do, think or feel at any moment has a complex neurochemistry attached to it. This neurochemistry is created by your experiences and determines your behaviour”

Debbie sees business issues clearly and is good at understanding how the motivations of key individuals within any company can help or hinder the implementation of a change programme. I found her invaluable in enabling me to put myself in others’ shoes to better understand their motivations. Debbie also helped me understand my own needs and motivations better. This helped me see my career development more clearly and improved the satisfaction that I took from my work.
I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone seeking to extend their leadership skills. Her knowledge, her ability to listen well and her insight, make working with Debbie a personally and professionally rewarding experience.
Commercial Director