Executive Coaching

In a pressurised, competitive environment it is critical for senior executives to retain a sense of perspective in the face of conflicting priorities, such as the needs of differing stakeholders, or perhaps between personal and corporate demands. Often senior executives find it harder to get honest feedback. This can make it difficult to keep a rounded perspective. Without this perspective thought processes can become detached with less clarity and ultimately less productive decision-making. Having a clearer understanding of how your state of mind is being created can unleash greater self-confidence, resilience and fresh thinking.

Debbie has provided coaching to a number of our senior executives to great effect and she has also conducted face to face interviews with senior managers, which have helped inform structural changes to improve the effectiveness of the business. She has great ability to communicate with managers at all levels and embodies an easy-going, outgoing personality, with the ability to create the most detailed and intricate plans. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective client.

Chief Executive

Debbie works individually with Senior Managers in:

  • Leadership development
  • Enhancing clarity, creativity and decision making
  • Developing resilience and confidence
  • Developing communication skills – building confidence, personal presence and impact
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Improving personal effectiveness
  • Successfully transitioning to a new role
  • Coaching women returners

Key deliverables are to:

  • Develop authentic leadership profile and presence
  • Provide insight into personal leadership style and effectiveness
  • Develop personal plans for improvement and client-led development
  • Build self-confidence
  • Enhance the leaders value to the organisation
  • Help manage and improve stakeholder relationships