The value that effective employee engagement can add is immense – faster change, greater flexibility, better quality decisions, improved knowledge sharing and a more motivated workforce.

Employee Engagement

Key deliverables in the implementation of an employee engagement strategy are:

  • Linking communication strategy closely to business strategy
  • Converting communication strategy into action through behaviour change
  • Integrating communication initiatives alongside other elements of strategy for greater coherence
  • Generating qualitative feedback to inform communication plans
  • Turning information into meaning and action
  • Installing effective communication planning processes and best practice
  • Helping build stronger relationships between management and staff through improved face-to-face processes
  • Identifying issues from the employees’ viewpoint




We have retained Debbie’s services to provide Executive Coaching, Communications Strategy development and Change Management. Her recommendations have been implemented and regular qualitative and quantitative measures have shown improvements in key indicators and have pointed the way to further planned improvements. Debbie has great ability to communicate with managers at all levels and embodies an easy going, outgoing personality, with the ability to create the most detailed and intricate plans. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective client.
Chief Executive




Besides the wide range of professional tools which Debbie is able to call on (which are all very useful and helpful), I believe the real value that Debbie brings is her ability to quickly assess the situation, work with you to arrive at pragmatic solutions and provide tools so that you can identify how best to approach the future. I found Debbie’s approach to be extremely valuable and really appreciated her personal commitment to make you succeed.

HR Manager




Debbie quickly established herself as a valuable asset and a communications professional with outstanding relationship building skills. Debbie’s vast communications and change experience, in a broad range of companies and cultures, proved invaluable in setting up the change programme that is bearing fruition now.

Strategic Communications Manager, Regulatory Authority