You’ve invested senior management time and money in recruiting the best possible candidate for your company. How can you ensure from the outset that you are doing everything you can to support their success and delivery of your business objectives?

Some of the key challenges that new leaders face are:

  • integrating into the new culture
  • rapidly understanding the political landscape and influencers
  • understanding the prevailing leadership style and business processes
  • clarity of expectations
  • building key stakeholder relationships
  • focusing on the priorities
  • establishing your own leadership presence.

The costs to your business of failing to integrating them successfully are substantial. And it’s not just the obvious costs! It’s the lost business opportunities and negative impact on people.

“When you have a clear mind you are experiencing greater clarity of thought. Mental clarity brings top performance, better decisions and creative solutions”

“When you have a fundamental understanding of how the mind works it spontaneously increases your natural ability to operate with greater clarity”

“Motivation is the desire, will or energy to engage in life in a particular way. Motivation is always a function of how you think”

What is On-Boarding?

This type of executive coaching is aimed at senior executives taking on a role that requires significant leadership capability. The objective is to help them adjust to their new role in the first 100 days, so that you can accelerate the achievement of your business objectives.

Who benefits from On-Boarding?

  • A new executive joining an organisation to fill an existing leadership role
  • An executive filling a newly created senior role
  • A technical expert taking on a broader leadership role



When the time came to face the promotion board I felt calm and authoritative rather than defensive and combative, all very much thanks to the mind set change and confidence Debbie instilled in me throughout our coaching sessions. Since I was promoted, feedback from senior management has supported the positive change I feel in how I conduct and present myself now, as I transition from manager to leader. Additionally, the impact on the business and the team I manage continues to improve as the techniques Debbie has taught me become more and more sub-conscious behaviours.





I cannot thank Debbie enough for the mind-set change she has unlocked which has resulted in me being more relaxed about myself and how I view my career. Most importantly Debbie helped me to understand that there is not a right or wrong way of progressing through a career, that there is no pre-determined path I need to follow, that there doesn’t need to be a rigid time frame to achieve my goals, to not compare myself with others.




It’s now nine months on since I started working with Debbie and it’s fair to say that our five months together have truly enabled me to establish my skills and build my confidence as a leader. I am now equipped with long term coping mechanisms that help me to deal with the pressures of a stressful senior position and an understanding of myself and my reactions which enable me to be more self-assured. Debbie planted an ‘inner seed’ of confidence in my abilities as a leader and that seed is growing all the time. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Project Manager